About us

We are a Business to Business company, focused on Apple products and solutions, as well as related services.




Extended Warranty

We offer the posibility of extended warranty period with up to two years, on top of the warranty period offered by the manufacturer.

Product insurance

Apple product insurance covers accidental damage and theft. Products can be insured for up to two years.

Grenke Financing

In partnership with Grenke, we offer financing solutions for IT equipment.


Following an evaluation, we buy the old equipment of our clients and the value can be given as a discount when purchasing new equipment.

Fast pick-up & Delivery

We know that most of the time you need quick answers to your requests, so it is important for us to help you in a timely manner - this also translates into same day deliveries.

Special configurations

We understand the needs of customised configurations of our customers and try to simplify the entire logistics process.

Mobile device management

We offer MDM: a way to ensure employees stay productive and do not breach corporate policies.

Network integration

We provide solutions that are customised to meet customers' needs for voice, video, and data integration


We work directly with the technical or procurement specialists in your organization to understand existing systems and to personalize future solutions and workflows


Flexible logistics solutions reduce delivery times and costs. The delivery is made from our warehouse or directly from suppliers' warehouses.


We have over 20 years of experience in distributing Apple products and end-to-end solutions, covering logistics, consulting, sales and marketing services across sectors such as corporate, government, telecommunications and education.

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